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Have you ever walked into a store and flinched at the price tag of a cute handmade vase or a trendy woven wall hanging? Yeah, me too!

Don’t get me wrong, I love supporting talented artisans, but sometimes the cost can be a bit much, especially if you’re on a budget or scouting for a one-of-a-kind gift. That’s where this list of Dollar Tree crafts to make and sell comes into play.

Here’s the good news: you can create those same jaw-dropping crafts without burning through your wallet.

That’s right, I’m talking about the magical land of dollar deals – Dollar Tree. If you haven’t ventured into this crafty heaven yet, let me clue you in—it’s a total game-changer.

With a little creativity and some inspiration, you can turn those dollar-store finds into gorgeous home decor, trendy accessories, and thoughtful gifts that everyone will love.

Now, I know what you might be thinking: “Dollar Tree crafts? Can they be that good?” Absolutely!

I’m here to spill the beans on the 28 coolest Dollar Tree crafts that not only get your creative juices flowing but also fatten up your wallet a bit.

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Top Dollar Tree Craft Categories for High Sales Potential

Alright crafters, let’s get down to business.

Wondering which Dollar Tree crafts are the ones that practically scream, ‘Take my money!’?

take my money

I’m about to share with you the top 3 Dollar Tree craft categories that are sales magnets.

We’re talking about crafts that are not only trendy and adorable, but also incredibly easy (and cheap) to make.

Home Decor on a Dime

Who enjoys dropping a ton of cash on home decor? Not me, that’s for sure! Lol…

I’m talking about stuff like trendy tiered trays made from stacked plates, mosaic coasters that give broken dishes a new lease on life (yep, we’re all about upcycling here!), and vases that go from blah to beautiful with just a bit of paint and decoupage magic.

And guess what? Your creations will be one-of-a-kind and won’t break the bank.

Seasonal Delights that Sell Year-Round

We all know seasonal decor is a big business, but who says you need to spend a small fortune to keep your stock fresh? Dollar Tree is bursting with seasonal finds, just waiting to be transformed into adorable crafts.

Think spring wreaths decked out with floral foam blooms and Dollar Tree bling, or summer coasters sporting that beachy vibe with seashells and sand.

And when fall rolls in, those mason jars filled with colorful leaves and mini pumpkins? Total crowd-pleasers.

Oh, and let’s not forget the holidays! Halloween’s got you covered with luminaries carved from pumpkins (or painted plastic ones), while winter brings candle holders decked out in snowy scenes.

Crafty shoppers are going to eat this up!

Practical Crafts with a Profitable Punch

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good organizer. The beauty of practical Dollar Tree crafts is that they’re not only eye candy, they’re problem solvers too.

Think chic charging station organizers made from repurposed boxes or tins, DIY makeup brush holders crafted from decorative jars with dividers, or stylish jewelry stands made from anything from tiered risers to painted branches.

They’re not just practical; they also add a touch of personality to any space. So, it’s a win-win, right?

You get your space in order, and your customers get a slice of functional flair.

28 DIY Dollar Tree Craft Ideas That People Will Love

Let’s get straight into the good stuff: killer DIY ideas that’ll get your creative juices flowing and your wallet bulging.

I’ve split these crafts into categories, all based on what’s flying off the shelves in the handmade market.

Category: Home Decor

1. Mosaic Art

Use broken Dollar Tree dishes to create beautiful mosaic coasters, picture frames, or stepping stones.

2. Tiered Trays with Farmhouse Charm

You know what’s timeless? Tiered trays made from Dollar Tree ceramic plates or cake stands.

Stack them up, and get artsy with some acrylic paint – solid colors or wild patterns, your call.

3. Boho Chic Vases

dollar tree crafts to make and sell
Source: Hometalk

Plain glass vases from Dollar Tree are begging for a makeover! Transform them into boho beauties with yarn.

All you have to do is wrap the yarn around the vase in a spiral, stick it down with hot glue at the start, and finish. For a bolder statement, paint the glass your favorite color.

4. Fairy Light Lanterns

Find mason jars at Dollar Tree (they come in various sizes) and drill holes in the lids (be careful!).

Pop in some fairy lights (go for the battery-operated ones for safety), screw the lid back on. Hang them up on your porch, patio, or even indoors for that extra touch of magic.

5. Floral Wreaths

Pick up a grapevine wreath and jazz it up with some faux flowers from Dollar Tree. Just use floral wire or hot glue to stick them on.

And hey, feel free to throw in some ribbons or other decorations to make it your own!

6. Decorative Mirrors

Those small mirrors you snag from Dollar Tree? They’re total chameleons.

Spray them with paint for a pop, slap on some stencils with shiny paints for a touch of glam, or get crafty with decoupage using funky patterned paper or fabric scraps.

7. Farmhouse Signs

Grab some unfinished wooden blocks or plaques from Dollar Tree. Slap on a base coat, then stencil on those farmhouse vibes—think shiplap patterns, mason jars, or a friendly “welcome” message.

Give those edges a little rough-up for that rustic charm and don’t forget to slap on a hanger at the back for easy display. Easy peasy, right?

8. Woven Wall Hangings

This craft packs a punch without breaking a sweat! Grab some yarn or twine and whip up stunning woven wall hangings.

All you need is some cardboard or an embroidery hoop to get started. Mix it up with funky patterns and colors to make it your own.

Category: Seasonal Crafts

9. Winter Candle Holders

Spruce up some glass jars or mugs with wintery scenes using stencils or paint. Pop in some flameless tea lights for a cozy and safe candle holder.

10. Halloween Luminaries

Get into the Halloween spirit by carving spooky faces into real pumpkins or painting plastic ones. Then, pop in some tea lights for an eerie display.

11. Fall Mason Jars

Pop some colorful leaves, mini pumpkins, or pinecones for a festive fall decoration.

12. Patriotic Decorations

Source: Felt Magnet

Gear up for Independence Day with some fun DIY projects. How about jazzing up wooden blocks with painted stars, whipping up a bandana table runner, or crafting your firework centerpieces?

13. Holiday Ornaments

Use Dollar Tree foam ornaments, wooden cutouts, or even clear plastic ornaments to create unique and personalized ornaments.

Paint them, sprinkle on some glitter, doodle with markers, or add fun stuff like buttons, beads, or mini pine cones.

14. Easter Egg Decorating

Source: BHG

Skip those boring store-bought dyes and let’s get crafty with Dollar Tree finds. Use food coloring for classic dyed eggs, or try decoupage with patterned paper or fabric scraps.

And don’t forget the glitter, markers, and stickers to add that personal touch to each egg.

15. Fall Wreaths for Front Door

Use a grapevine wreath for your base and deck it out with some faux fall leaves, cute mini pumpkins, and pinecones.

Throw in a few cinnamon sticks to make it smell like autumn, too. Then, just pick a vibrant ribbon to hang it up, and you’re all set. Simple, sweet, and super festive.

Category: Practical Crafts

16. Charging Station Organizers

Turn the locker bins into a cool charging station with built-in cord holders. Simple, stylish, and super handy.

17. Makeup Brush Organizers

Turn those cute jars or tins you’ve spotted into nifty brush holders! Just pop in some DIY dividers made from cardboard or craft paper.

Simple and super effective.

18. Jewelry Stands

Dollar Tree Crafts To Make And Sell
Source: Craft Minute

Stack some tiered risers, pop a mug on a small plate, or give some branches a fresh coat of paint to make your funky jewelry stand.

19. Headphone Holders

Dollar Tree Crafts To Make And Sell

Need a clever way to keep your wireless headphones from disappearing into the abyss of your drawer? Try this: grab a pool noodle, chop it down to size, and jazz it up with some paint or fabric.

Now you’ve got a cool stand that keeps your headphones safe and easy to find.

20. Kitchen Organization

Dollar Tree Crafts To Make And Sell

Tackle that kitchen clutter with some smart solutions.

Grab a few decorative tins, canisters, or tiered trays from Dollar Tree and turn them into nifty spots for your utensils, spices, or tea bags.

Slap on some vinyl lettering or use stencils to label them—it’s an easy way to keep everything sorted and looking sharp.

21. Key Holder

Dollar Tree Crafts To Make And Sell
Source: DIY Craftsy

Never lose your keys again with a stylish key holder. Repurpose a decorative plaque or a small picture frame from Dollar Tree.

Stick on some hooks with hot glue or cup hooks to hang those keys.

Category: Gifts and Accessories

22. Keychains

Just grab two mini blocks (found in Dollar Tree’s game section), paint them your favorite colors, or add some cute designs.

Pop on some keychains, maybe even connect them with a heart charm

23. Resin Fridge Magnets

If you’re on the hunt for profitable resin crafts to sell, this fridge magnet is where it’s at! Grab some miniature figurines (think animals, superheroes, or food!), tiny buttons, or even coffee beans from the Dollar Tree.

Arrange your finds in a silicone mold (they’re the best for this!), then pour in some clear resin (you can find this stuff at most craft stores) to seal the deal.

Once cured, you’ve got a unique magnet that’s a conversation starter on any fridge.

24. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornaments

Channel the fun of ugly Christmas sweaters into miniature ornaments! Use felt, fabric scraps, buttons, and other embellishments to create tiny sweaters with hilarious patterns or quirky sayings.

Hang them on your tree for a dose of festive fun (and maybe a chuckle or two).

25. Phone Cases

Source: Her Zindagi

Clear phone cases from Dollar Tree are like blank canvases for your creativity! Decorate them with paint, stencils, fabric scraps, stickers, or even washi tape to create a one-of-a-kind phone case that reflects your style.

Category: Other Ideas

26. Macrame Plant Hangers

Source: The Spruce

Macrame is a hot trend, and these plant hangers are surprisingly easy to make. Just snag some macrame cords from the yarn section and follow a few simple online tutorials.

Before you know it, you’ll have your very own boho-chic plant hangers for pots of any size.

27. DIY Tablet Stands

Tablet stands are super useful, aren’t they? Just grab some sturdy cutting board from Dollar Tree, and you’re halfway there!

Make a simple stand that folds flat for storage. Want to make it yours? Add your personal touch with paint, fabric, or even some washi tape.

28. DIY Bath Bombs

Who doesn’t love a good bath bomb for some self-care? Skip the store-bought stuff and go DIY for a natural and customizable option.

Grab baking soda, citric acid, and Epsom salts from Dollar Tree’s bulk sections, along with essential oils.

Don’t forget the molds—Dollar Tree has you covered with small plastic ones.

Pro Tips for Selling Your Dollar Tree Crafts Successfully

So, you’ve nailed the art of turning Dollar Tree finds into awesome creations, but now you’re wondering, “How do I make some cash from this?”

Just follow these pro tips for selling your Dollar Tree crafts like a boss!

Pricing Power

First things first, let’s talk about pricing. Sure, your materials were a bargain at Dollar Tree, but there’s more to it than that. Consider the time you put into crafting your masterpiece (let’s be real, some projects take ages!).

Also, think about the perceived value of your craft. Is it super unique or something people can find anywhere?

Once you’ve thought about these factors, you can set a price that’s fair to you and enticing to buyers.

Picture Perfect Presentations

You’ve heard the saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” right? Well, when it comes to selling crafts online, it’s more like hitting the jackpot!

High-quality photos are key for grabbing attention and showing off your creations in the best possible way.

Find a spot with good lighting and a tidy background, then snap some clear close-ups that highlight all the awesome details.

Extra points for getting creative with your staging!

Package it Up

Don’t underestimate the power of packaging! Just because your supplies came from Dollar Tree doesn’t mean your packaging has to look like it.

Think outside the box (pun intended!).

Use colorful tissue paper, recycle materials like cardboard boxes or brown paper bags, or jazz up Dollar Tree baskets and ribbons to create packaging that’s as special as your crafts.

A little extra effort can go a long way in making your creations feel unique and memorable.

Spreading the Craft Love

Now that your Dollar Tree masterpieces are looking fab, it’s time to get them out into the world!

There are loads of ways to market your crafts online. Think about setting up shop on Etsy or other online platforms.

Social media, like Instagram and Facebook, is awesome for showing off your work and connecting with potential buyers. And don’t forget about local craft fairs.

Craft fairs are awesome for chatting with customers in person and spreading the love for your awesome Dollar Tree creations.

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