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People are finding new ways to earn money online, and this is why they venture into different fields and try out new things.

Online platforms allow people to leave their white-collar jobs and learn so much from online options.

There are many ways to make money online for those who are interested.

You can earn money online by making videos, writing content, and even advertising products.

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This article will discuss how to earn money online with videos.

Video making can be very fruitful in making you money online.

Taking a moment to share with the different world content on various matters does pay off in the end.

By saying “making money with videos”, there is no need for a Hollywood studio set to do your filming or any fancy camera equipment.

In most cases, all you need is a smartphone, free video editing software, and yes, your creative imaginations.

Without further ado, here are 8 ways you can earn money online with videos and get started right away:

1. Uploading Videos To YouTube

YouTube is not a place for everyone as some may give up fast before getting the results they desire. It is all about trusting the process.

YouTube offers you the opportunity to create videos of different kinds based on what you want to be addressing.

YouTube has become the home of so many content creators as it does not limit people when it comes to creating videos.

There are several ways to make money online on YouTube:

i) Youtube Partner Program

You make money with YouTube once you have attracted massive masses, as YouTube pays you for all the subscribers and likes you have on your page due to the YouTube Partner Program.

Here are the minimum eligibility requirements:

ii) Sponsorship

Through YouTube, you can make money through sponsorship once you get sponsored by different organizations or companies.

Sponsors come as a result of being impressed by the videos you create and supporting you resource-wise.

iii) Membership

YouTube membership is another way of making money online as it offers you, as the creator, to charge your viewers a certain amount of money for extra perks.

This means that the viewers get to enjoy some perks as a result of the fee.

iv) Promote Affiliate Products/Services

Promoting affiliate products does generate income for you on YouTube; the companies pay you for this.

Creators who haven’t met the requirements to join the Youtube Partner Program often use this method as a way to earn money online even as early as day 1.

Making tutorial videos (how-to) and reviewing the products/services they are promoting are certainly some of the most common methods used by content producers.

All you need to do is to apply for the affiliate program, create the videos, and insert your affiliate links in the description.

Here’s a quick example of how you can execute this method. Let’s take the example of promoting a weight loss product.

Step 1: Go to Clickbank and Choose a Product

Choose any weight loss product that you wish to promote. In this case, I chose the Custom Keto Diet product.

Clickbank - How to promote Custom Keto Diet
Clickbank – Custom Keto Diet

Click the “Promote” button, generate your hoplinks and copy your affiliate link.

Step 2: Go to Pikwizard and Download Royalty-Free Videos

Pikwizard is a free stock video and photo site that offers the best content to download for all sorts of commercial and editorial purposes.

The site provides a wide variety of content from a plethora of categories that cover a wide range of topics.

Why Pikwizard?

Simply because it provides royalty-free videos and is safe for commercial use, with no attribution required.

Now, on the videos section, type in “exercise” as below. Or you can enter whichever keyword you want.

Pikwizard - Free stock photos & videos
PikWizard – Free Stock Photos & Videos

Choose whichever video you feel is appropriate, as there are plenty of wonderful videos on Pikwizard.

Feel free to download as many videos as you wish.

Step 3: Search For Free PLR Article

Next, we are going to find some free PLR articles as our Youtube script. Go to Google and type “weight loss tips PLR article”

Google - Weight Loss Tips PLR Article
Google – Weight Loss Tips PLR Article

Select the first results and choose whichever article that you like.

In case you haven’t heard of the “Free PLR article”, here’s a short summary of what it is.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. This is a type of license that often gives you the right to use the content however you wish.

Take note of any important tips in the article you selected and compile it all together in a Word document.

Tips: Despite the fact that this article is free to use, I strongly urge you to edit it out (rearrange the wording). It is to avoid having the same content published everywhere since the article is accessible to all people.

Step 4: Start Editing Your Video

Navigate to Invideo and start your editing process.

I personally edit my videos using InVideo (a video maker that helps you create scroll-stopping videos).

Editing a video becomes much easier with their ready-made templates. To put it another way, Invideo has done the heavy lifting for us.

In a nutshell, use the following steps for your reference:

  • Choose a template that you like
  • Upload the videos you downloaded from Pikwizard earlier
  • Modify the template by changing the colors, the font, the transitions, the animation, etc.
  • Choose a track from the many categories InVideo’s video maker offers. It is also possible to upload your own music.
  • Review, edit, and customize it until it meets your needs.
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Step 5: Upload Your Video to YouTube

Now that you have finished editing, you can upload the video to YouTube. Write a brief description of what the video is about.

Tips: Make sure to include hot keywords such as “How To Lose weight” in your description. This can help your video’s ranking on Youtube when people search for it.

Step 6: Insert Your Affiliate Link

This is the most important step. This is where you can insert your affiliate links in the description.

Copy the affiliate link from Clickbank, and shorten it with Bitly.

Bitly - shorten clickbank URL
Bitly – Shorten Clickbank URL

It will look something like this “”

There you have it!

Those are the ways you can make money online from your Youtube videos. But wait! Now you’re telling me that you refuse to show your face?

Those who are not comfortable showing their faces can create any videos like the above, and they may choose niches as below to get started:

  • Life hacks
  • Animation
  • Listicle (Top 10, Top 5, etc)
  • Scary Stories
  • Cars
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Quiz
  • Animal

2. Getting Paid Based On Views

i) Dailymotion

Dailymotion, which is a video-sharing platform, offers you the opportunity to earn money with videos.

This is because whenever you upload a video on the forum, you receive some revenue based on the video’s views.

You can post any videos of the entertainment you would wish to make.

ii) Dacast

Dacast is a video streaming technology platform that enables users to live-stream their videos. This platform is mainly used by small businesses to showcase their products and even business events they have.

This does not necessarily mean that Dacast leans towards promoting business videos as it is best for all other kinds of videos.

You pay to post in Dacast, but the views you collect from your videos will generate money. The more the views, the more the pay is for you.

This does show how much you can succeed from having a live streaming video.

3. Video Lessons

InVideo is an online video maker that offers you a seven-day trial and offers you the best editing tools that help you end up with professional videos.

invideo tool to make money online
InVideo – A powerful tool that you can use to make money online

The best part is that you can make the video from your phone too.

Creating video lessons using InVideo is a fantastic idea for you, as you get to use the educational video template to create amazing videos.

Invideo - educational template
Educational Ready Made Template

After creating video lessons, you can go ahead and upload your work on Teachable, which is online software that allows lecturers, entrepreneurs, and even teachers to sell their materials.

Teachable - An online platform to sell online courses
Teachable – An online platform to sell online courses

People can buy online coaching services from them and even the content you create, and this is how as a creator, you earn money.

InVideo can assist students in getting to create videos for their school projects which means that not only businesses or teaching personnel benefit from it.

Online courses are offered at Teachable, which means that those who posted the content get paid when people buy it.

4. Freelance Video Editor

Those looking to improve the quality of the videos they create need to consider InVideo as it has the best editing tools.

Many freelancing platforms out there, such as Upwork, offer you the chance to get video editing jobs that pay well.

You don’t have to sweat it as InVideo editing tools are at your disposal, and it is simple to work with them.

Invideo - simply choose any template and start editing
Simply choose any template that suits your need.

An online professional video editor like InVideo allows you to create high-quality videos that will ensure you get the promised fee after you are done with the videos.

The features of this editing software make it possible for you to attain what you want with the videos.

5. Creation Of Ad Videos For Businesses

Businesses dedicate a lot of time and resources to promoting their products and services as they should be, as this is the most effective way of making their businesses known.

The creation of Ad videos for businesses is a great decision that will bring you the traffic you are looking for.

Invideo can be used to create video ads as they are plenty of ready made template available
InVideo – Ready-made video ads template

InVideo is there to help create video content for businesses as it has different ad templates you can use to create professional videos.

As a person looking to earn money online, you can work with a local or online business.

The business will offer you the chance to create videos for their promotion needs and pay you.

You can also get paid by working with freelancing platforms such as Freelancer, where you can get a gig on creating videos for money.

The online platform has so much to offer when it comes to the creation of videos.

6. Stock Or Royalty Footage

Stock or royalty footage is video content that does not last for more than a minute.

It can be inserted into an even larger video with no production plans for this footage. It is possible to make money online by creating stock or royalty footage and selling them.

You can sell them to;

i) VideoHive

VideoHive is part of Envato Market. From as little as a few dollars, VideoHive lets you buy and sell royalty-free footage.

This is a website that allows you to sell royalty footage to interested parties. The videos need to look professional and unique for them to be acceptable.

ii) Deposit Photo

The deposit photo website offers video makers the opportunity to create royalty footages that they buy at fair prices. You can quickly develop footage and get paid for them, thus earning yourself money online.

iii) Story Blocks

Story blocks offer people the opportunity to create high-quality videos with their editing tools and templates. It is also possible for you to sell your stock footage to this website as they offer you good money for the videos you create.

iv) Pond5

Pond5 is among the best online marketing platforms globally, and the best part is that you can quickly sell your royalty footage to them. They buy royalty-free footage from different people creating content videos. This is how you earn money from making footage.

v) Artgrid

Artgrid offers people incredible footage of different kinds that have been shot with the best cameras. Because of this, you can create royalty footage that can be sold to them and earn money online. All you need is quality footage that you will be appreciated by most.

7. Content Creator

Content plays a vital role in promoting businesses as this is the first thing people come across when they visit your business websites.

As a content creator, you can create videos of both small and large companies promoting their services and products in this digitalized world.

Websites such as Smartshoot, demand media, and many others offer brands of different kinds the opportunity to be connected with photographers and videographers who are professionals.

Because of this, you can work with such a website to offer businesses the best videos for their marketing needs.

You get to earn online by creating video content for companies and taking commission videos.

8. Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are a form of arrangement whereby websites pay affiliates to correct traffic for them.

A companion will post a video or link to their website, and for every click the link gets, there is an agreement on the commission you will receive.

InVideo affiliate programs offer you higher commission rates compared to other programs.

InVideo affiliate programs provide businesses the chance to earn more without having to deal with affiliate programs.

This is because InVideo allows you to create videos that can be used for business promotions and many other things.


In winding up, earning money online is effective once done right. The creation of videos for different purposes and websites can earn you enough.

It is easier for you to make money online once you have learned the best ways of doing it. Above are some of the ways you can successfully make money with online videos.

If you have the means of making videos, go ahead and make some extra money. You can even make it your full-time job and get a legal way of making a living for yourself and your family.

People need to stop complaining about unemployment and try their luck with online jobs.

Let me know in the comments if you wish to share any other methods that you prefer to make money online with videos.

Signing off now, cheers!~