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Do you want to make money online during this COVID-19 lockdown?

If you answered “Yes!!” you should continue reading.

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Currently, we’re living in the most challenging times, where some of us are even losing our jobs.

No matter if you are looking for some extra money or have been laid off from a job you love during this pandemic outbreak, there are ways to earn money from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s a comprehensive post covering 9 ways to make money online during this coronavirus lockdown.

How to Make Money Online During Lockdown

While the coronavirus lockdown is in effect, there are a plethora of online jobs you can do from the comfort of your own home.

Furthermore, you will be significantly less vulnerable to the virus if you choose to work online and stay at home.

Having said that, here are the 9 ways to make money online during the lockdown.

1. Freelance Writer

As I am taking this route myself, I would strongly advice you to start your own freelancing job with various freelancing platforms.

For this case, I start my freelancing job with Fiverr.

“In a nutshell, Fiverr is an online marketplace that enables freelancers worldwide to offer services to customers.”

Fiverr Terms:
  • Gigs: A service to sell your skills. For example: I will write high quality SEO blog post.
  • Seller: A registered freelancer who wants to sell their gigs
  • Buyer: A registered customer who wants to purchase gigs

As a seller, you are free to set your own price gigs.

My 2 cents advice: Even though you’re a good writer, try to start with a lower price in order to get your first customer. Provide more value or try to be different from the other sellers.

In general, buyers won’t purchase a gig that has no customer reviews.

However, if your gig costs less than the other sellers, there are chances that the buyers will hire you.

Now you are telling me “I am not a writer, what should I do?”

Frankly speaking, you can always outsource the job to an established writer.

We called it Dropservicing.

Go to the HireWriters website, hire any writer from that site and provide the end results to your customers in Fiverr.

That is basically you earning money without even doing the writing!

You may want to check this out Make Money Through Typing (Up to $200/day)

2. Social Media Manager

Management of social media accounts is one of the responsibilities of social media managers for business owners and individuals.

You could be responsible for creating content, writing captions, daily postings, responding to comments & DM’s, and up to organically growing the accounts of social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can leverage the usage of Canva website to create the contents. With tons of free templates available, it couldn’t be easier to create content.

Now, what about the pay?

I would suggest you create fixed pricing by creating a different package level.

Here’s an example of a price package:

  • Basic: $250/month for 4 posts a week on 1 social network
  • Standard: $450/month for 5 posts a week on 2 social networks
  • Premium: $650/month for 6 posts a week on 3 social networks

The following sites can help you find a job as a social media manager:

Tips: Use the Facebook Publishing Tools to schedule your client posts. By doing so, you wouldn’t miss the right timing to upload a post.

3. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are normally self-employed and provide professional administrative assistance to clients remotely from home.

A virtual assistant’s responsibilities might include making phone calls, scheduling meetings, arranging travel, and handling emails.

The pay is around $10-20+ per hour. But average hourly pay for a Virtual Assistant is $16.

Some of the top websites for Virtual Assistant jobs:

4. Transcriptionist

Transcribing is something you can do from home without having to have any experience or specific education to get started.

Transcription is basically translating what you hear into text, or more accurately, typing out what you hear.

The following sites provide transcriptionist jobs for beginners:

A lot of places pay per audio hour. And average you could make is $16 an hour.

5. Take Surveys

The bottom line is that anyone can make money online by taking surveys.

Honestly, it won’t pay as much as translating or freelance writing, but it is a quick way to make some extra money – and it’s kind of a nice side hustle, right?

The most asked question when comes to taking surveys is “Are paid surveys legit?”

If you work with a legitimate survey company, yes, paid surveys are genuine.

My advice would be to join multiple survey sites, as this would increase the surveys you qualify for, and thus increase your chances of making money.

Click here to join as many survey sites as possible and increase your chances of making extra money!

6. Translator

Knowing more than one language may allow you to work as a translator.

A translator converts the text of a document from one language into another language.

Translators earn an average wage of $19/hour.

Find work as a translator on these websites:

7. Teach English Online

The online class has been extremely popular for at least the last few years, but the lockdown has increased its popularity even further.

Here is how you can get started.

VIP KID lets you earn money and inspire young minds from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

You don’t have to prepare teaching materials since VIP KID already created teaching materials for each class.

8. Proofreading

Typographic errors, grammatical errors, and spelling errors make up the bulk of a proofreader’s work.

If that is something you are good at, you should consider this option to make money online.

A proofreader basically checks content to ensure there are no errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting of an article, blog post, books, etc.

On average, freelancers earn between $15 and $20 per hour

To start finding a job as a Proofreader, check out these websites:

9. Start A Blog

For your information, this blog was created as my “Quarantine” project.

In addition to being a blogger, I do promote various types of affiliate products.

You can see here in my blog post, I inserted some of my affiliate links in order to gain commissions.

Here are some of the ways to make money with a blog:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Add banner advertisement
  • Monetise blog with Google Adsense
  • Sponsored ads
  • Sell digital products (Ebook & Online Courses)
  • Offer freelance services
  • Coaching

I highly recommend starting your own blog if you’re looking to make money online as an affiliate.

It’ll be easier to promote your affiliate links with your own blog.

A step-by-step guide is available here so you can start blogging as soon as today. Feel free to check it out.

I have secured a special offer from the hosting company for my readers who want to start a blog today.


The current economic crisis is causing a lot of stress.

However, it is still good to know that we can still make money regardless of the economic downturn.

You just have to consider the options I’ve listed above and start taking action today.

It might be more advantageous for you to work online during this virus outbreak.

The final piece of advice I can share with you is, don’t give up hope and remember there are lots of ways to make money online.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay Safe & Peace!~