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Do you find it tough to come up with a profitable blog niche idea?

Or do you read varying and sometimes conflicting opinions about what is a good niche for your blog?

In dilemma to choose between hobby niche, make money online niche or even lifestyle niche?

That happens to me too. I couldn’t decide which niche to choose either!

In fact, I spent a couple of months trying to decide which niche to pursue!

Therefore, I have put together this blog post to assist you in deciding which profitable blog niche you should pursue.

Let’s go lads!

What Is A Blog Niche?

Essentially, a niche is the subject matter of your blog with which you’ll write about.

In other words, it addresses the question, “What is your blog about?”

The niche is not only the topic you choose to write about.

It is how you approach it, the strategies you will use to reach out to the target audience, and the way you will converse with them and present yourself as an expert or plain person sharing their knowledge and experiences on the topics.

If you want to earn money online by blogging and want to monetize your blog, choosing the appropriate niche is important.

What is the importance of selecting a profitable blog niche?

To start with, why bother to stick with 1 niche?

Why can’t you start a blog with multiple niches instead?

Here’s why.

The topics that you personally like are not guaranteed to be of interest to your audience. Therefore, it is difficult to generate an audience through this strategy.

In contrast, if you stick with a single topic, you can be sure that people who find one of your posts interesting are likely to be attracted to your other posts, too.

Establishing authority as an expert on one topic will enable you to connect with your audience, generate more search traffic, and most importantly, make money with it (that’s part of the reason to start a blog, right?).

Now, let’s talk about the importance of choosing a profitable niche.

There are three key things to consider:

  1. Knowing your Target Audience
  2. The journey to becoming an expert
  3. Google prefer niche blogs

Let’s dive in!

1) Knowing Your Target Audience

If you narrow down the topic of your blog, it gives you a better chance of getting the right kind of audience and avoiding those who may not be the right fit for your blog.

Consider this approach, let say you wrote a blog post about the latest hybrid car technology where the majority of your audience is most likely male.

Then in your next blog post, you are sharing tips on how to lose fat belly in one month.

That kind of tips will most likely attract the attention of women readers.

As a result of those blog posts, you now have two different kinds of target audiences.

Don’t you think it would be a challenge to reach two audiences who so radically different in their needs?

2) The journey to becoming an expert

A niche blog enables you to gain more in-depth expertise in one area than a general blog.

It also helps you to be an expert and become a role model in your niche in a shorter period of time.

Experts in one particular niche command more trust from your audiences. It’ll boost your blog recognition too.

By covering every niche, you’ll be an average performer and will be a part of everyone else.

However, if you are an expert in one specific niche, you will definitely stand out.

Getting known for a specific niche is not detrimental to other services you may provide. The idea is getting known.

There are people who may come across your blog as a result of a specialty you provide, even if they need a different service you provide.

3) Google prefer niche blogs

As you created your blog, it is crucial to consider how people will find your blog once it goes live.

A key traffic source for your blog will be Google.

You must be wondering, why would search engines like Google prefer niche blogs/sites?

Because niche sites are easy to analyze and evaluate, Google finds them useful for people searching for specific answers.

Let’s consider this scenario.

Say you are searching for a way to make money online during the lockdown.

Do you prefer to read a blog that describes just 1 method of making money online during lockdown (the rest of the contents are a bunch of unrelated info) or choose a blog that describes a variety of methods?

Guess you’ll pick the one with various methods, right?

That’s how Google works. They ensure that their customers are happy with the search results and find what they need.

Hence, it is imperative for you to select a specific niche for your blog.

How To Find A Profitable Blog Niche?

It’s time to dive into finding your profitable blog niche.

So how do you make that happen?

These 4 steps may assist you in finding your profitable blog niche.

1. Your Skills (Expertise)

It is imperative to choose a blog niche where you are skilled (expert) in and one you enjoy writing about.

Consider answering these four questions honestly.

  • Is there a skill set I possess? And on what topics do I have an expertise in?
  • In which topic do I read endlessly on the web which I am always eager to learn more?
  • How often do individuals seek me out for my expertise in a certain topic?
  • Do I see myself still becoming addicted to writing about this one year down the road?

Now let’s put some brainstorming into action.

As soon as you have completed all the questions above, use Google Trends to search for the niches you have determined.

With Google Trends, you’ll be able to visualize two main points below:

  • The number of people actively searching for your niche
  • How your niche’s popularity is fluctuating

That will give you useful information about how popular your niche is.

2. Identify the problem that your niche faces.

Being a problem solver is the key to creating a profitable blog.

Imagine someone searching for a solution on “How to stop a heart attack” and finding a remedy to solve this problem.

If you are able to offer a solution to this problem, you can earn a substantial amount of income.

Long story short, blogs should provide readers with value-added content: solutions to their problems or inspiration for others will create a devoted following that will return again and again.

3. Check the audience

You need to know who your audience is.

Think about whether there are numerous blogs that already cover your topic, or whether there are hardly any.

Should you find plenty of them, that’s a good sign. That just means people are interested in the topic.

Find out where these people usually gather and find out what problems do they have.

So what if you find none? I would consider that a positive sign too!

Who knew you might end up being the pioneer in that niche.

4. Look for a wide range of products to promote and sell.

Everyone wants to monetize their blogs, right? I think we all do.

To begin with, I suggest that you consider the products and services you personally use on a daily basis in your niche.

Find out which products and services have affiliate programs for each one you use.

Additionally, if you are able to create a niche-related product (physical or digital) that you can sell, it will be an extra bonus for you.

Is There Anything left to Do?

Yes! Now you have successfully decided on which niche to go, it’s time to start rolling!

Start creating your very own blog!

Check out this ultimate step-by-step guide on how to start your own blog today!

BONUS: 80 Profitable Blog Niche Ideas 2021

Still, having difficulty determining your niche?

Following are some niches that may inspire you.

However, do not feel that you have to start your blog in one of these niches; instead, these are some ideas from others who have found success blogging in these niches.

Make Money Online (1-3)

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Coaching

Finance (4-8)

  • Personal Finance
  • Insurance
  • Savings
  • Managing Budgets
  • Retirement

Investment (9-10)

  • Stock
  • Credit tips

Health (11-15)

  • Diets
  • Mental Healths
  • Meditation
  • Safety & Health
  • Nutritions

Food (16-20)

  • Cooking Recipes
  • Home Cooked
  • Healthy Foods
  • Baking Cakes
  • Cuisine

Fitness & Sports (21-26)

  • Weight Loss
  • Running
  • Yoga
  • Personal Training
  • Hiking
  • Outdoor Sports

Travel (27-31)

  • Focus on one country info
  • Cultural info
  • Language
  • Travel Tips
  • Travelling during Covid-19

Relationships (32-36)

  • Online Dating Tips
  • Weddings
  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Dating Guide

Hobbies (37-42)

  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Gardening
  • Music
  • Fishing
  • Dancing

Family & Home (43-48)

  • Parenting
  • Mompreneur
  • Family Holidays
  • Homeschooling
  • Childcare
  • Pregnancy

Entertainment (49-51)

  • Movie Reviews
  • TV Shows Reviews
  • Celebrities News

Education & Career (52-55)

  • Online Tutor
  • Career Advice
  • Career Coach
  • Study Hacks

Social Networks (56-58)

  • Instagram Gurus
  • Influencer
  • Virtual Assistant

Politics (59-60)

  • Politics News
  • Political Events

Lifestyle (61-66)

  • How-To
  • Life Hacks
  • Self Motivation
  • Shopping Guides
  • Tutorial
  • Photography

Animals – Pets (67-72)

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Small Animal
  • Farm Animal
  • Veterinar
  • Pets Product Review

Technology (73-75)

  • Latest Gadgets
  • Computer & Laptop
  • Smartphones Review

Beauty & Fashion (76-80)

  • Makeup Tutorial
  • Makeup Product Review
  • Beauty Tips
  • Fashion Trends
  • Fashion Police

That’s about it.

Hope the list above will at least give you some ideas to get started.

Do you have another profitable blog niche idea to share?

Feel free to share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you!