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Ever since AI art made its debut, my digital journey has been an unrelenting quest to unearth the ultimate treasures: the best free AI art generators.

It’s been an adventure navigating the ever-evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, all in pursuit of those remarkable tools that breathe life into creative visions without costing a dime.

These AI art generators aren’t just software; they’re portals to a world where technology dances harmoniously with artistic expression.

In this quest, I’ve discovered and tested countless AI-powered marvels, each with its own unique brushstroke in the digital canvas of creativity.

With the help of this AI image generator, you can generate stunning artwork without spending a fortune on expensive software or hiring a professional artist.

And what’s even more fascinating is that they can be more than just a source of creative satisfaction; they can be a gateway to opportunities and income.

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So, let’s explore these free online art tools and discover the top tools to jumpstart your creativity and potentially earn income.

What Are AI Art Generators?

best free ai art generators
Generated with Adobe Firefly

If you’re not familiar with AI art generators, let me break it down for you.

These are computer programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate artwork.

What’s unique about them is that they analyze large amounts of data, including images, paintings, and patterns, to learn and mimic artistic styles and techniques.

This means that with a few clicks, you can create art that looks like it was made by famous artists or that is completely original.

There are a few different types of AI art generators, including AI painting generators, machine-learning art generators, and AI image generators.

Some require you to input certain parameters, while others can generate art based on a word or phrase.

Regardless of the type, these generators offer endless possibilities for artistic expression.

If you’re a beginner or an expert, an artist, or just someone who loves to create, an AI art generator is worth exploring. These innovative tools allow you to tap into your creativity and produce artwork that is truly unique.

Benefits of Using AI Art Generators

As an artist or enthusiast, you may be hesitant to invest in expensive software or tools for your creative projects.

With free art generators powered by artificial intelligence, you can access powerful art generators without the need for specialized skills or significant financial investments.

These artificial intelligence art tools offer a wealth of benefits to artists of all levels. They inspire creativity and offer new perspectives, allowing you to experiment with various styles and techniques with ease.

The free online art tools also offer an opportunity for collaboration as you can share your generated artwork with others and get feedback.

With access to AI art generators, you can create stunning and original artworks that resonate with your audience without breaking the bank.

Top 10 Free AI Art Generators

Are you ready to explore the world of AI-generated art? Here are my top picks for the best free AI art generators:


Let me tell you, this is what I call the crème de la crème of Midjourney alternatives.

Not only does rock a free plan, but the images it pumps out with its machine learning AI are jaw-dropping, like “let me frame this and put it on the wall” kind of good.

So, once you’ve signed up for the free plan, the AI art playground is your oyster.

You get to pick your AI model, choose the image style, type in your prompt (hello, creative genius!), and even throw in a negative prompt if you’re feeling a bit rebellious.

I’ve got to hand it to them – their free plan dishes out a generous 150 coins, and they refresh your stash on a daily basis.

Truth be told, this should give you plenty of wiggle room to tinker around and nab those outputs you’ve had your eyes on.

In a nutshell, opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities, allowing you to see your words in a whole new light.

It’s an excellent tool for learning about AI art generation and experimenting with different styles.

So, give it a shot and let your imagination run wild! Who knows, you might just discover a hidden talent for digital art along the way.

2. Ideogram AI

Ideogram AI is a tool that’s got something pretty special up its digital sleeves.

It’s not just your run-of-the-mill text-to-image AI; it’s got a standout feature that sets it apart from the crowd – text generation within images.

In my humble opinion, this AI art generator doesn’t just generate random images; it takes the text and turns it into sheer digital magic.

But hey, don’t just take my word for it – let’s dive into a little showdown.

First things first, I threw the same prompt at two different AI art generator tools. Here’s the prompt:

Typography detailed 3d creative and minimal font style, ornate Victorian font “I’ve got felines for you” Yakusa style with kitten and cats for decoration, photo, 3d render, cinematic, painting, dark fantasy, illustration, poster, typography, ukiyo-e.

On the left, we’ve got another AI art generator tool (no need to call it out and bruise its digital ego, lol), and on the right, we’ve got the undisputed heavyweight champ, Ideogram AI.

Now, let’s talk jaw-dropping. I mean, just look at those images!

They’re like night and day, right? At this point, I’m willing to bet you’re seeing eye to eye with me – Ideogram AI isn’t just the best free AI art generator; it’s a whole new level of awesome when it comes to text rendering.

3. Adobe Firefly

best free AI art generators - adobe firefly

Let’s shine a spotlight on Adobe Firefly, a fresh addition to Adobe’s creative toolbox that’s got the creative world buzzing. Think of it as an artistic firefly, illuminating the night sky of innovation.

What sets Firefly apart? It’s all about pushing the limits of creativity.

This generative AI powerhouse initially zooms in on producing awe-inspiring images and text effects. Imagine it as your digital muse, sparking your imagination and helping you bring your boldest ideas to life.

One of the most incredible things about Firefly is its ability to understand text prompts in over 100 languages. That’s cool.

You can effortlessly craft beautiful images, give your text a dazzling makeover, play with colors, and much more, all with a simple text prompt.

Consider Firefly as your partner in crime for experimenting, envisioning, and crafting an endless array of visuals.

It’s akin to having a creative genie at your beck and call, poised to turn your artistic dreams into vivid realities.

4. Dall. E 2

best free AI art generators - dall e 2

Dall·E 2 is the impressive offspring of OpenAI’s DALL-E, a model renowned for its ability to generate images from text descriptions.

Dall·E 2 takes this concept to the next level. It uses the power of machine learning to understand text prompts and craft images that align with those descriptions.

To use Dall·E 2, you typically provide a textual description, and it works its magic to generate images that match your vision.

The results can range from the surreal to the incredibly lifelike, and that’s what makes Dall·E 2 such a valuable tool.

5. NightCafe

best free AI art generators - nightcafe

When it comes to discovering the best text-to-image AI, NightCafe is a standout that I couldn’t resist adding to this list. Its user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to create AI images, and the best part is that you can do it with just a few clicks.

This tool has truly simplified my creative process.

And what’s even more exciting is that NightCafe Creator is like a gift that keeps on giving – you can whip up unlimited base Stable Diffusion creations without spending a penny.

These base creations are kind of like the appetizers of the art world: thumb-sized, quick to cook, and limited to one image at a time.

But if you want to crank up the power, like going for higher resolution or getting all photorealistic, you’ll need some credits in your pocket.

6. BlueWillow

This is a real game-changer in the world of AI art generation.

Born in January 2023, it’s one of the best free AI image generators you’ll come across, especially if you’re an AI art enthusiast eager to dive into creating realistic images and art.

So, how do you get started on this creative journey with BlueWillow? It’s as easy as joining their Discord server and hopping into any Rookie channel.

Once you’re there, you simply type “/imagine” followed by your description or prompt, and like magic, it conjures up AI-generated images tailored to your request.

What’s really cool is that it offers unlimited image generation, making it a perfect, free alternative to Midjourney for AI art students and enthusiasts.

7. Craiyon

Just like NightCafe, it’s a tool that can transform your text into beautiful images.

What sets Craiyon apart is its simplicity. You don’t need to join any fancy Discord servers or navigate complex menus.

You just visit their website, enter your text prompt, and it conjures up AI-generated images right there, no fuss.

Now, about the images – well, they’re pretty decent, too. Not jaw-dropping, but certainly enough to keep your creative juices flowing.

So, if you’re looking for a straightforward and fuss-free way to turn your text into art, Craiyon could be your cup of tea.

8. Bing Image Creator

Here comes the latest superstar in Microsoft’s AI lineup, Bing Image Creator.

It’s part of Microsoft’s grand AI plan, and it all started when they joined forces with OpenAI, the genius behind ChatGPT.

So, how does Bing Image Creator roll? Well, it’s pretty much like the other creative AI tools on the block. You toss in your prompt, hit the “Create” button, and watch the magic unfold as it crafts images.

The results are pretty decent, and here’s the cool part – the more details you provide in your description, the more specific and unique your art becomes.

However, there’s one small quirk I noticed about this tool. It prefers to dance with Microsoft Edge as its browser partner.

But you can still use Chrome to access Bing and its image creator. No need to sweat it!

9. Starry AI

Here is another player in the AI art generator arena that’s worth checking out.

What’s cool about StarryAI is that it’s all about turning your text into art with style. It uses a range of AI models to craft images that stand out. Picasso, eat your heart out!

Much like our other pals, StarryAI also has a free limit.

You get to create a few images without opening your wallet, but if you’re planning an art marathon, you might want to peek at their paid options.

10. Canva Text-To-Image

In the era of AI dominance, where tech giants are racing to infuse AI magic into every nook and cranny of their offerings, Canva stands tall as a trailblazer in the game.

Last on the list is Canva Text-To-Image, a tool that’s been catching my eye recently. It’s your go-to AI artist, and it’s absolutely free.

This tool stands out because it can whip up images that perfectly match your ideas, even if they’re still taking shape in your mind.

Whether you’re visualizing a product, sketching out a creative concept, or pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Canva has your creative back.

The drill is simple: you just type in your text prompt, and as if by magic, your words and phrases transform into stunning images. Imagine having your very own visual wizard, standing by to sprinkle some creative pixie dust on all your projects.

So, whether you’re a seasoned creative pro or someone with a flair for ideas, Canva Text-To-Image is a trusty companion. Think of it as your pocket artist, always at the ready to transform your words into captivating visuals.

There you have it.

These are just a few of the many amazing AI art generators available for free online. Give them a try and see where your imagination takes you!

Tips for Using AI Art Generators Effectively

Here are some tips to make the most out of AI art generators:

  • Experiment with different parameters: AI art generators offer a wide range of parameters and options to adjust. Experimenting with different settings can help you generate more unique and personalized artwork.
  • Combine AI art with traditional art techniques: Integrating AI-generated art with traditional techniques like painting or drawing can create fascinating hybrids and new art forms.
  • Collaborate with other artists: Collaborating with other artists, both human and AI, can enhance creativity and produce unexpected results.
  • Share your art on social media: Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook are great places to share and showcase your AI-generated artwork. Engage with art communities and seek feedback to improve your skills.

By following these tips, you can enhance your AI art creation process and expand your artistic portfolio.

Exploring the Potential for Income Generation With AI Art

Now, let’s talk about the exciting potential for income generation with AI art. As I mentioned earlier, many artists and entrepreneurs are already monetizing their AI-generated artworks and turning their passion for art into a profitable business.

  • Sell Your Art: You can sell the art your AI creates. Think online platforms, art galleries, or even auctions – your art, your rules.
  • Print Your Art: Work with print-on-demand services to slap your AI art on things like canvas, posters, phone cases, and whatever else you can think of.
  • License Your Art: Let others use your AI art in their stuff, like merch or ads, and get paid for it.
  • NFT Your Art: Get into the whole NFT thing. Mint your AI art as unique digital collectibles and trade them on the blockchain.
  • Take Commissions: Create AI art for folks who want something personalized.
  • Teach AI Art: Share your secrets. Teach people how to make AI art in online courses or workshops.
  • AI Art Apps: Make AI art apps. People love that stuff. They might pay for it.
  • Show Your Art: Get your AI art out there. Host exhibitions. People might buy what they see.
  • Use It for Content: Spruce up your content with AI art. Websites, blogs, social media – it’s all fair game.
  • Make collaboration: Team up with other creative folks. Mix your AI art with music, writing, or whatever else you’re into.

The potential for income generation with AI art is limitless. With the right approach and marketing strategy, you can turn your AI-generated art into a profitable and sustainable business.

Copyright and Legal Considerations

When using AI art generators, it’s important to consider copyright and legal implications.

As the generated artwork is produced by algorithms, questions may arise regarding the ownership and originality of the artwork.

To avoid any potential legal issues, it’s important to review the terms and conditions of the AI art generator platforms you use.

Ensure that you have the necessary rights to use the generated artwork and seek legal advice if you plan to monetize or commercialize the AI-generated artwork.

While using AI art generators, it’s important to be mindful of copyright laws and respect the rights of the original creators of the images and designs that are used in the training data.

Always ensure that the generated art does not infringe on any existing copyrights and, if necessary, seek permission from the original creators.

Adhering to these copyright and legal considerations will help you avoid any potential legal issues.

Ethical Considerations of AI Art Generation

As an artist exploring the world of AI art, I am mindful of the ethical considerations that come with utilizing these powerful tools.

While AI art generators offer new possibilities for artistic expression and creativity, there is a risk of perpetuating biases or creating derivative works that infringe on copyright or artistic integrity.

Respect for copyright is crucial when using AI art generators. It’s important to acknowledge the sources of the data used in the algorithms and to ensure that the generated art does not infringe on existing copyright laws.

Furthermore, promoting diversity and inclusiveness is essential when utilizing AI art generators. These tools must be used responsibly and ethically, ensuring that the generated art does not perpetuate biases or stereotypes.

As AI art generation continues to evolve and expand, it’s essential that artists and users embrace these ethical principles and strive to create and use AI-generated art in a thoughtful and responsible manner.

Future of AI in the Art World

I believe that the future of AI in the art world is incredibly bright. As AI technology advances, we can expect to see even more impressive and intricate artworks generated by AI art generators.

These advanced tools could also potentially revolutionize the creation, collaboration, and curation of art.

For instance, artists could increasingly rely on AI systems to co-create artworks, allowing for unique and innovative pieces that blend technology and human creativity.

Museums and galleries might also begin to use AI to enhance visitor experiences and curate exhibitions.

AI-powered tools could help curators analyze vast amounts of data, such as visitor feedback, historical context, and cultural trends, to create more thought-provoking and engaging exhibitions.

Overall, the possibilities for AI in the art world are endless. As an art lover and enthusiast, I am excited to see how this technology will continue to shape and transform the creative industry.

Who knows – maybe one day we will see AI-generated art hanging in galleries and museums alongside the works of human artists.


Using AI art generators is a fantastic way to explore and express your creativity while possibly earning an income.

These free tools harness the power of artificial intelligence to create stunning and unique artworks, whether you’re an aspiring artist or just someone eager to explore new artistic possibilities.

When using AI art generators, it’s important to keep in mind legal and ethical considerations. Ensure that you have the necessary rights to use the generated art, and respect copyright and acknowledge sources.

Additionally, strive to create and use AI-generated art responsibly and ethically by promoting diversity and inclusiveness.

The possibilities for AI in the art world are exciting, and as technology advances, the use of AI in art creation, collaboration, and curation may revolutionize the industry.

So why not embrace the power of AI in art and let your imagination soar with these remarkable AI art generators?

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