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I’m sure you have heard this all before. Blogging, blogging, blogging. It’s talked about so often on social media and in real life that it feels like a broken record. A lot of people still don’t know where to start and why they should start a blog.

However, if you want to get ahead of the game and increase your chances of success online, you will need to make a blog for yourself as soon as possible.

Are you just looking to get started? Head over to this ultimate step-by-step guide on how to start a blog the right way. It is designed to be a beginner-friendly guide.

You see, the blogging industry is not slowing down anytime soon.

In fact, it’s growing at a rapid rate. Blogging has become an essential part of the online marketing strategy for most companies and entrepreneurs.

The number of bloggers is growing exponentially every year. To date, it is estimated that there are more than 600 million blogs in the world today.

28 Purrfect Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog

Reasons why you should start a blog

You’re on the fence about starting your own blog, aren’t you?

On one hand, you love the idea of sharing your ideas with others and connecting with new people from all over the world.

On the other hand, you’re not really sure if it’s worth all of that effort, what with the time commitment and all of those technical details you have to learn about in order to get going.

If that sounds like you, then I have 28 purrfect reasons why you should start a blog now.

1. To Build Your Own Personal Brand

A blog is a new business card. It’s how you brand yourself in the digital world. Building your personal brand is the best way to set yourself up for future success.

Having a blog can help you garner more attention and credence in your industry. Many people are choosing to go the route of having their own blog so they can share articles, tutorials, or other valuable information with the world.

2. For Passive Income

Blogging is a great way to generate passive income and live your dream lifestyle.

It’s no longer a secret that blogging is one of the best ways to make money online. It’s a long-term commitment and as such it will take time to build up your following, but it doesn’t come with the same risk as many other career paths.

Here are 5 ways to monetize your blog:

3. Get Paid for What You Know & Love Doing

Your passions can turn into revenue through blogging.

If you are passionate about something and have the ability to write about it, then you should consider blogging. You will be able to share your thoughts and opinions with the world.

And at the same time, you will get paid for what you love doing with a blog.

4. You Will Have Your Own Voice

It’s one thing to blog about topics that interest you, but it is another thing to have your own voice. You can have a voice that is filled with humor or a voice that is filled with serious thoughts, or anything in between.

The only person who can determine what your voice is is you.

5. Developing Audience Trust

Blogs are a great way to build trust with your readers. They allow you to share your thoughts, stories, and expertise with people who might not know you. Also, by sharing your story, others will be able to relate to what you have gone through and learn from it.

6. It Can Help You Get More Job Opportunities

Blogs also allow you to build relationships with other professionals in the industry, which can lead to job opportunities. People like to work with people they know, so by letting them know who you are and what you do, you’re more likely to be offered job opportunities.

Think of blogging as a way to make new clients aware of you.

7. Blogging Helps With Your SEO Rankings

Blogging is a fantastic way to create content that’s favorable for SEO. By consistently posting high-quality content on your blog, you can help to improve the chances of Google ranking you as relevant to your targeted keywords. This can lead to an increase in traffic and more potential clients.

Or if you want to get the word out about your product or service, blogging can also help you reach more people in less time.

8. To Enhance Your Personal Development

Blogging is a self-reflective process that can be used to enhance your personal development.

It can help you develop new skills for communicating, public speaking, knowledge sharing, leadership, and a variety of other abilities. In short, blogging can enhance any area of your life by helping you become the person you want to be.

9. Improve Your Writing Skills and Techniques

The act of blogging is a great way to improve your writing skills and develop a sense of what information people find interesting or want to learn about.

With every blog post you write, you’re challenging yourself as a writer and continually refining your skill set.

As a matter of fact, blogging has helped many people to improve their writing skills, attract readers, and create a blog following.

If you’re thinking about becoming a better writer, then you can turn blogging into your own private space where you can improve and refine your writing skills.

10. You Want to Be Able to Provide Value and Help Others

It’s not enough just to tell stories about your life or share your thoughts – that’s just not enough anymore. You want to be able to provide valuable and helpful information that people are looking for when they come to your site and it’s hard to do that without creating a quality blog post.

Thus, creating a blog is one of the smartest investments you can make.

11. You Want to Have a Portfolio That You Can Use As Collateral for a Full-time Job

The vast majority of the work in freelance writing is finding clients. In contrast with an in-house position, there is usually no company trying to find work for you. So what do you do? You go out and find it yourself.

You can treat your blog as your portfolio that will help you get jobs in the future because employers can see what kind of work you do.

Apart from that, I can safely say that blogging is an excellent way to build your online identity and have something you can use as collateral for future job applications.

Online businesses need people with blogging experience, they don’t always necessarily need someone who has tons of experience working in an office environment or business owner, but they do need someone who has experience writing for the web.

12. You Want to Be Able to Charge Higher Rates for Freelance Work

It’s a known fact that you can’t charge what you’re worth until you’re worth what you charge. What does that mean for your freelance career?

You have to build up your credentials and reputation before the freelancing marketplace will reward you with higher rates. It’s not enough to be good, it also has to show.

You can easily accomplish that by starting a blog and publishing high-quality content. Use it as a platform to market your services.

The more often you blog the better chance you have at attracting high-quality clientele who are willing to pay higher rates for freelance work.

13. Work From Home

For introverts, working from home is their ideal work environment. The moment I started this blog, I knew that I had chosen the right path. Working from home gives me the freedom to do what I want when I want and in the way that I like best.

You can work in your pajamas and in your favorite slippers, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve had a long day at work or a relaxing day with your family.

Oh, did I mention you can also skip the drive? Yes. I know you’re not a fan of traffic jams or public transport delays. The days of rushing to your destination on a crowded train, or sitting in traffic, are over.

Last but not least, working from home means you don’t have to deal with office politics every day.

So, blogging from your home might be a better option for you. Get started with blogging now so you can work from home too.

14. Are You a Fan of Freedom and Flexibility?

A blog can give you the feeling that you are in the driver’s seat of your career. You have the freedom to create your own content and share it with others.

Blogging is perfect for creative thinkers who enjoy expressing themselves.

In other words, bloggers can do what they want, when they want, and where they want.

Blogging is perfect for you if you enjoy freedom and flexibility. You can write about what you like without the pressure of deadlines or any editing by someone else.

You can have a blog on any topic you like which makes it an excellent platform for sharing your passion with the world!

15. Gain New Connections in Your Niche Field

Blogs are still considered to be the best way of building a community and getting more exposure in your niche.

These days, the internet is packed with bloggers eager for connection because of the benefits that are associated with it. This can be used as an advantage for you to establish connections in your niche field and grow your community.

16. Share Your Experiences and Expertise With the World

Blogs are a great medium for sharing your expertise, experiences, and knowledge with the world. Whenever you blog, your thoughts are put into words in a way that can connect with other people who are going through similar experiences.

So when you share those thoughts with other people, they feel validated and your blog becomes more meaningful to them.

It’s like a virtual support group where people can come together and share their experiences. They can discuss their feelings about a particular topic and provide positive reinforcement for each other.

This is like having a therapist online who you can talk to whenever you feel like it.

17. Blogging Can Lead to a Book Deal With a Publisher

A blog post is the best way to get your voice heard in a crowded industry. If you want to write for an already existing company, then you will need to start a blog.

After all, why should publishers approach you if they don’t know that you exist? Blogging is like proof of your existence in the online world so you can achieve enough notoriety to be offered a contract with a publisher.

18. Helps You Build an Email List That Is Responsive

Ever heard of the saying “Email marketing is dead?”.

I totally get why people say that. But I am here to tell you that email marketing is not dead. As a matter of fact, email marketing is more responsive.

You can use a blog to collect a responsive email list. The blog starts by attracting an audience and then subscribers can be asked to sign up for your newsletter.

With the help of email marketing software, you can get the readers’ email addresses and send them updates about your latest articles and highlight some affiliate products.

This way, you will have more people on your side who are interested in what you do.

19. Develop Graphic Design Skills

Today, blogging not only provides a platform for people to share their ideas and opinions with the world, but it also gives them an opportunity to develop new skills.

Blogging has become the best way for people to learn how to use graphic design software like Canva.

This is especially true for those who are just starting out in their career as graphic designers. Bloggers can experiment and try new things with their blog posts without worrying about messing up anything major.

Even if they don’t manage to become professional designers, they will have at least developed some basic skills that put them well ahead of others who never blogged before.

Did you know that you can turn your Canva editing skills into profits? Read “10 Ways To Make Money Online With Canva”.

20. Don’t You Love Spending Time With Your Loved Ones?

We all have to juggle a lot of things in our lives, but starting a blog allows you to take control of your time.

Think about it: you can start whenever you want and take as much time as you need. You dictate the pace and direction of your work day.

It’s a great way to spend more time with family and friends, while still maintaining your identity outside of work.

21. Boost Your Confidence

One of the most common reasons to start a blog is to boost your confidence.

You see, starting a blog can be hard for a lot of people. It can be challenging, especially when you haven’t done anything like that before.

But when you get started and achieve something you have never done before, it is an amazing feeling and it can help you conquer other things.

22. Reach Your Target Market

The rise of online shopping has become a challenge for tiny, independent retailers.

They are finding it difficult to be found among the likes of Amazon and other big brands.

This problem can be solved by blogging. Blogging can help small retailers climb up the SERP ladder and be seen more often by potential customers.

Blogging allows them to reach out to their target market and promote their products in a way that feels more personal to the customer, therefore increasing trust and conversion rates.

23. Google Favors Blogs

Google favors blogs over any other form of content. The search engine prioritizes them for their high-quality, fresh content based on insights from over 1 billion searches a day.

Some small business owners use blogs to showcase their expertise and provide valuable insight into what they do best. Others use it to generate new business leads and partnerships by driving traffic through SEO rankings.

24. Building a Business Out of Your Hobby

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

What I’m trying to say is you can use your passion for something and get paid for it – win-win.

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but you’re getting the best of both worlds right here. Awesome!

25. Do You Ever Fantasize About Being a Boss?

Blogging is an excellent way to grow your business and become your own boss. You can live the life you want.

You are the ones who set your own schedules, set your own deadline, work with a flexible lifestyle, and have control over your own income.

26. Love Tackling a Challenge?

You know what they say, “Challenge is in their blood.” If you’re looking for a challenge, blogging may be the right fit for you.

When you first start your blog, there are a lot of challenges that come along with it. It’s even harder if you don’t have prior knowledge about blogging.

You’re kicking yourself for not starting a blog sooner, so do it today.

27. “Working Experience Is a Must”. Say What?

Most of the time when you want to apply for a job, the requirement of a certain amount of experience would discourage you from even applying.

But that doesn’t happen with blogging. Yes. You read that right.

Starting a blog does not require any prior experience.

Then how do you start a blog without any prior experience?

Read this step-by-step guide on how you can start your own blog from scratch. It’s designed for beginners so you don’t have to worry about the technical stuff.

28. You Can Make a Digital Tip Jar

You might be surprised to find out some readers are thankful for the content you created. So why not share a sad story to tug at people’s heartstrings and place a link to your digital tip jar somewhere in your blog?

For example, you could share a story of how your cat always loved premium tuna but couldn’t afford to buy any from the pet store due to the recent economic recession.

reasons why you should start a blog

Can you imagine the kitten being sad all day long? You can make a difference by sharing or giving her some canned tuna. Click here to do that.

5 Reasons Blogging Is Not for You

The benefits of blogging are far-reaching and it’s no wonder that many people have decided to start their own blogs.

But not everyone is cut out to be a blogger, so if you find yourself asking “Should I blog?” then there are some warning signs you should heed.

Here are 5 quick points that might help you figure out if blogging is for you:

1. Overnight Success

Are you looking for overnight success? If the answer is yes, you need to stop looking for that. Blogging is not going to give you overnight success.

Blogs take time and patience before they start making money. If you’re passionate about blogging and want to start a blog, it takes a lot of work to build up your blog for it to be successful.

2. Writing Is Not Your Cup of Tea

When writing is not your cup of tea, then it’s a sign that you may not be cut out for blogging.

Blogging is mainly about writing. As such, you need to be passionate about writing. If you’re not interested in that, then it’s going to be hard for you to keep blogging.

Of course, you could always hire a professional writer. But what if finding the budget is your biggest enemy? I’ll leave it to you to think about it.

3. You Are More of a Visual Person

Another reason why blogging may not be right for you is that you are more of a visual person. Your brain digests visuals more naturally than text.

If that’s the case, then maybe YouTube or Instagram would be better platforms for you to share your thoughts and opinions on various topics.

4. The Fear of Being Judged

A blog can be a scary prospect for some. It is not for those who are afraid of being judged or criticized by their peers. The fear of being judged can be paralyzing and lead people to avoid blogging altogether.

5. Your Business Doesn’t Need Blogging

One of the reasons is that the content on your website is enough to satisfy your customers’ needs.

Or maybe the amount of traffic that you’re amassing on your social media profiles is more than enough to sustain a fully functional business.

Final Thoughts: Is It Still Relevant to Start a Blog Now?

With the rise of social media, it is becoming more difficult to stand out and create a following. However, blogging is still extremely relevant.

Bloggers are able to connect with their audience in a way that other types of content creators can’t because they can provide a true connection with the reader in the form of a person.

This relationship between the blogger and the reader can be seen as more personal than that of social media or even a television show.

That’s the bulk of what I have for you.

Hopefully, the 28 reasons I’ve listed should be enough to inspire you to start a blog and see some great success.

Signing off now, cheers!~

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