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If you are thinking about starting your own blog, one of the most important things to know is how to choose a blog name that will make people want to visit you.

As a blogger, the most important thing to remember is that your blog name is an important part of your branding.

And if you want to attract readers, you need a name for your blog that stands out.

This makes it essential to choose the right name for your blog, but it can be hard to come up with an amazing name that truly conveys what your blog is about and makes it stand out from the crowd.

If you are having difficulty coming up with a name for your blog, this post can help! Though it can be hard to find the right name, these ways of thinking about them will help to make it easier!

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What Makes a Good Blog Name?

A blog name should be something that sticks in the readers’ minds. A good example of this is Medium, a blogging and publishing platform.

The name comes from the word “medium,” which is a synonym for “website.”

Apart from that, a blog name should also be related to the product or service it’s selling. For example, an online shoe retailer could call their blog “Shoes” or “Style.”

This way, any article they publish will be relevant and will serve as an advertisement for their online store.

So what makes a good blog name? Here’s a quick point for your reference.

  • Should be catchy, but also relevant to the content of your future posts.
  • Make it easier for people to find you and keep up with what you’re doing.
  • When putting your blog’s name into a URL or domain, make sure it looks right.
  • The spelling doesn’t confuse your audience. For example, is it Flickr or Flicker?

How To Choose a Blog Name – Quick Questions To Ask Yourself

Choosing a blog name can be tough. There are a lot of decisions to make and you have to be sure that you’re picking the right one. Here’s a quick question to ask yourself before choosing your blog name.

What Is Your Niche?

With so many niches to choose from, it’s hard to find a name that is both creative and relevant.

But this isn’t an issue with the KWFinder tool. It helps you find related keywords based on your niche and then you can use those keywords as a starting point for your blog name.

You just enter your seed keyword and KWFinder will show you related keywords suggestions.

From there, you can choose which ones are relevant to your blog and create a blog name out of them.

The process is incredibly easy to follow because the tool actually makes it really easy to come up with keywords that might be relevant to your niche.

This tool is great for people who don’t know where to start when it comes to name brainstorming.

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Who Will Be Your Target Audience?

When it comes to choosing a blog name, the most important thing to consider is who your target audience will be.

You want to make sure that you pick a name that will help you connect to your audience and also make it easy for them to find you.

If you are focusing on a targeted audience, then you want a name that speaks to those readers.

For example, if you had a blog about the keto diet, then you would need a name that drew in ketogenic.

What Will Be the Style of Your Writing?

When you’re naming your blog, it’s also important to consider the style of your writing. This is the next thing to consider after you define your targeted audience.

Are you trying to speak to a specific group of professional readers?

Or maybe you are speaking to a group of casual readers? When you target professional-level readers in your blog, you might want to use a more professional tone of voice rather than a casual tone.

Casual can sound jarring and off-putting.

Are You Going To Expand Different Topics in the Future?

While you do not know whether or not you will expand to various topics in the future, this might be something you should think about.

For example, take the keto diet blog I mentioned earlier.

What if you want to write about the paleo diet in the future? In covering a topic like the paleo diet, wouldn’t a blog with the name “Ketogenic Diet Hub” make sense?

Therefore, you may want to consider naming your blog with a generic term such as “The Diet Zen”.

Having that flexibility will allow you to expand and change topics in the future.

How To Choose A Blog Name: 9 Tips For Naming Your Blog That Instantly Makes it Great

When it comes down to naming a blog, you may get stuck in a loop and end up delaying the progress you have made in starting the blog.

Put your worries aside. Let’s brainstorm for a blog name together!

Whether it’s to take over your personal blog or launch a new site, I have 9 tips that will help get you started.

1. Pick a Name That’s Unique, Memorable, and Reflects Your Brand

Remember that the branding of your blog is essential to its success regardless of the name you give it.

And if you pick properly, the name you give your blog will be an integral part of your entire blogging strategy and what you do with your newly selected blog name is much more crucial.

Thus, find a unique and memorable name for your blog. This is important because your site will likely go unnoticed if its name is too similar to other blogs.

Therefore, find inspiration from outside your sector by exploring related topics or companies.

It’s important to spend some quality time on this step since a catchy blog name may have a lasting impact on your blog’s visibility (Having a distinctive name for your blog might increase the number of times readers recommend it to their peers).

2. The Importance of Keyword Research in Naming Your Blog

Having a keyword in your blog name can help with your SEO rankings. But that doesn’t mean you should stuff in all the keywords in your blog name.

Consider a singular focus keyword and incorporate it into your blog name.

A blog name that includes a commonly-searched term might increase traffic and attention to the site’s content.

For instance, the word “bee” in a bee-keeping name can be extremely useful in signaling to readers that the blog’s focus is on bee products.

In addition, if the name of your blog seems like it relates to the topic of the search, readers may be more likely to click on your link than on one with a different name.

3. Don’t Use Numbers or Punctuation Marks

When choosing a name, it’s best to avoid using numbers or punctuation marks.

These symbols can cause confusion and make it difficult to find your blog when conducting a Google search.

Here’s a quick scenario of a “radio test”. Let’s say you were speaking with a friend on the phone and it turns out that he wants to tell you about his new blog.

So you ask him what is his blog name, and he says “”.

As a friend, you wish to support him and you start googling the blog name. What would you type in the search field?


Which of those do you think you will type?

The name is obviously hard to communicate and confusing, right? Let that blend in your mind.

4. Your Own Name Is Fine

Having your name as a domain or blog name (e.g www. ensures that it will never be changed.

In addition, you’re building relationships with individuals rather than a faceless corporation.

Using your name also ensures that your followers will follow you if you ever decide to alter subjects and write about anything other than what you originally intended.

If you ever tire of blogging about your chosen subject and want to start a new blog, you won’t have to ask people to update their links.

Using your real name on your blog is less about providing specific guidance or information and more about establishing trust in you as a person and blogger.

This doesn’t free you from the responsibility of providing value or writing topic-specific blog entries; rather, it just gives you more freedom to do so.

Of course, you can always develop a catchphrase that summarizes your primary area of expertise.

5. Make Use of Blog Name Generators

A blog name generator is a useful tool for someone who needs to start a blog but doesn’t want to think too hard about the name.

Generators can provide you with a list of different name options, or provide the option to enter your own word combinations.

This is a simple and fast approach to creating a new, fictitious identifier and other situations where your actual name would be inappropriate.

Why Should You Use It (4 Reasons)

a. It’s an excellent way to generate ideas.

A name generator may not provide the ideal name, but it might help you come up with some options.

You may encounter new vocabulary or wordplay that will serve as a springboard for further exploration.

When you’re stuck, it might help to look at what others have come up with to see if anything sparks an idea.

b. It is easy and cost-free.

One of its main selling points is that the blog name generator is available for little to no cost.

It’s like going to a restaurant and getting your meal for free; only this time can you peruse hundreds of expertly selected name options. Furthermore, the service may be used with relative ease and convenience.

The generator makes it simple to narrow your search or browse through all the results.

c. You’ll be able to cut down on waiting time.

As a busy business owner, it’s possible that you don’t have time to meditate endlessly over a blog name. Naming processes like brainstorming, workshops, and research may be time-consuming.

Using a name generator saves time since the research and brainstorming are already done for you. Thousands of names will be created instantly by eliminating randomness and the need for hours of brainstorming.

Check out the options, then choose the one that best suits your needs.

d. It will help you think of creative, memorable names for your blog.

The generator produces names that are both memorable and unusual in a way that you probably wouldn’t have come up with on your own.

To stand out to consumers, a variety of techniques were used in the creation of brand names.

These techniques include combining words, employing alliteration, including meaningful life events, and using puns.

Points To Keep in Mind While Using the Blog Name Generator

a. Avoid picking the first result

In order to get a good blog name, avoid picking from the first result that you see when using an online generator.

While the first result might be catchy, it’s best to continue scrolling through the list before settling on one that you’re happy with. Remember that everybody might use the same name if they are using the same tool.

b. Examine multiple name generators and compare the outcomes

Generators can provide you with a list of different name options, or provide the option to enter your own word combinations.

There are many generators and it is difficult to know which one will provide the best outcome. Thus, you should explore multiple generators and compare their outcomes before selecting one.

c. Think creatively about the keyword you entered

You can use your creativity while using the keywords or phrases you enter in the name generator.

You can be inspired by your blog’s mission, your goals, what you want to represent, or even the industry that you want to be associated with.

Three (3) Best Blog Name Generators

a. Looka

Looka is undoubtedly the best generator out there. This generator saves you time and brain power by generating tons of name ideas for your business in seconds. One-click is all you need to check domain availability, social handles, and logo options.

Using advanced algorithms, the tool generates names in 3 categories: Invented names, Compound names, and Multiword names. Isn’t that cool?

All you have to do is to enter a keyword and click the “Generate” button. Right under the search field, you can also filter results by name length (character count) and find other suggestions.

Take the example of starting a fitness blog. A keyword that may be appropriate is “men’s fitness”. When you search this on Looka name generator, you see these results.

Invented Names
Compound Names
How To Choose A Blog Name
Multiword Names

Should you still be unable to find a name that meets your requirements, you can click the “See More” button and it will provide even more suggestions.

b. Nameboy

Nameboy is the original one that’s been around since 1999. It’s still going strong year after year. It can come up with plenty of good names in a split second and they are all unique.

You can generate a blog name with just one click and it will come up with some witty nicknames that are perfect for your new blog.

They use advanced algorithms to combine common words, prefixes, and suffixes with the search phrase to generate domain names that fit your needs.

Say you’re thinking of starting a keto blog, you’d enter “ketogenic” as the key phrase. Here are the results.

How To Choose A Blog Name

I absolutely like this tool because it allows you to check if a name is available or not. This means that you can get a domain name that someone hasn’t already taken and register it.

Even if a domain is taken, there’s an option for you to see who owns it and ask the person who currently has it if they want to sell it.

c. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel Business Name Generator is one of those popular generators you can use to come up with creative and interesting names for your blog.

You can expect quality names thanks to their algorithm.

It’s really simple to use. All you need to do is enter your suggested name (or any word) into its search bar and you will get tons of different results that you might want to choose from.

Suppose you searched for “travel” for a travel blog. Here’s what the results look like.

How To Choose A Blog Name

The good news is that you have plenty of other suggested names to check out on the search results page. Just scroll down and see what catches your eye.

6. Use Abbreviations or Acronyms

One way to come up with a good blog name is to brainstorm ideas based on acronyms and abbreviations.

Brands that are famous for their acronyms like YouTube, GAP, and Yahoo! have great blog names because their acronyms provide them with an easy-to-remember domain.

If you want to find a domain name but it’s taken, this is a really useful trick. In that case, you can use the acronyms of how to pronounce the domain that’s already registered.

7. Check Out Other Blogs With Similar Names

Whenever something is being created for the first time, it’s important to know that there are other similar things in the world.

The same is true for blogs. It’s common to already have a blog with a similar name, or find out someone else has taken it.

It can be difficult to decide whether you should change the name that you come up with or not.

Some people might say that it’s better to have a different name so that people can find your blog easily. To me, that is true. It is best that you have a stand-out and unique name rather than having a similar name to other bloggers.

You could end up confusing or misleading your readers by using a similar name. A reader might land on the name of the other person instead of visiting your blog.

8. Ensure the Domain Name Is Available

It’s not enough to just choose a name that sounds good. You need to make sure that the domain name is available for your desired blog name.

There are three ways you can go about finding out if a domain name is available:

  • Check the WHOIS database
  • Run a search on Google
  • Simply type your desired name into the tools below and it will show you if it is still available or not

Note: You MUST DISABLE AdBlock for the domain checker to show up!

My recommendation is to grab your desired domain name as soon as you can if it’s still available- don’t hesitate!

It wouldn’t make sense to go through all the painstaking steps for any other name again. That would definitely cause a delay in you starting your own blog and start earning money online.

9. Find Out if There Are Any Existing Names on Social Media Accounts

To minimize confusion and problems with registration, it is recommended that you first verify whether another social media account is already using the name you came up with.

This is a wise step before you proceed with the final decision of naming your blog. You wouldn’t want to encounter a problem where the domain you already have purchased has been taken on social media platforms.

That would restrict you from creating a new account as the name is already taken.

Remember to keep this point in mind when you decide on a name for your business.

Final Say: How To Choose a Blog Name

Choosing the right blog name is more than just picking a generic term to go with. It’s about creativity and paying attention to your audience.

Your blog name can help set the tone for your content and it should be professional, catchy, and memorable.

Make sure that it is easy for people to find in search engines, doesn’t have any spelling confusion or any other confusion in meaning, and is unique enough to set your blog apart from other blogs.

Once you’ve spent precious time of yourself and money on creating it, changing it up will be a disaster.

This can lead to losing both credibility and readership. And you’ll also have to change your domain (buy a new one) and social media accounts. Don’t forget that.

Whatever you call your blog, it’s important that from the start you have a strong name. Once you do, enjoy the process of blogging, because in time it will become enjoyable.

Ready to start your blog now? Check out my step-by-step guide on how to start your blog.